will you give me??

sgt x de mood pagi ni... rase macam dunia sunyi...x de org. dah la mendung kat luar. kalo nak ujan, ujan je laaaaa. to watch a gloomy weather, its the same as being in a wait. a torture.  heh.

tolong la...aku sgt x de mood. i need fun! i need colours! i need excitement! i need...urgh...i need something that could speed up my life.

tetibe rase nyampah. nyampah ngan mak long aku. nyampah ngan org yg treat others badly just because they think they're beautiFOOL! urgh.

congrats. my first ever blog in bahasa malaysia.

da dgr lagu louis vutton by jlo rase ok skit da...hahah tp sgt susah nak cri lagu ni online kan?? ke aku yg x tau tajuk yg sbenarnye???


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