What a nightmare!!!!

okay. imagine this:

you were very anxious to go to toilet. cause you can't wait anymore. so you went to an o.k.u. toilet, and you did your business. and then, while the relieve starting to fill up on you, you heard footsteps. footsteps coming towards your way. then you realized something. YOU FORGOT TO LOCK THE DOOR!!! and that footsteps sound came to a stop. and the door was open. that particular person looks up and saw you, you were doing your business! 

Now, tell me, what would be your reaction??

personally, i think, if it was a girl, she probably said sorry then close the door. very quickly.
if it was a boy, i think he would be gobsmacked and might stare at what you're doing for a few seconds then he'll close the door abruptly. dont you think so??

HAHAHA i know you're probably thinking this happened to me. naah... and seriously, NAAH... it didnt. it was just my imagination. hahaha i know. bad imagination!! but i cant help to think if it were to happen to me, and i wonder what my reactions would be.

Scared...panic...embarrassed most of all, urgh! i just hope it didnt happen to anybody!

God bless you!!


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