Part-time LOVERH!

okay, im bored. i need some fun. NOW! So, I've decided that I want a FAKE lover. hahah ok, im not interested in guys right now, dunnoe y. Hati tak terbuka lagi nak bercinta kowt. hahah seriously, kalau ko letak LAKI PALING HANDSOME PUN KAT DEPAN AKU, 99.99999% AKU TAK AKAN PANDANG. cuz hati aku awal-awal lagi not ready to accept anyone at this moment., to make the game interesting...I've made up some rules (though aku patut pkir bende ni malam tadi before tidur cuz lately ni I'm having insomnia I guess, so got time to think) haha

  1. Contract ends on 11th March 2010.
  2. Description of job: 
  • must entertain me, EVERYDAY, but not for hours, 30 minutes is enough (if it could last up to that, usually when I talk to a guy within 10 mins I'm bored already haha)
  • i can be pretty much a bit challenging due to my emotions and unpredictable-ness, so GET UR BRAINS ON and tickle me!
    3.  Topics to talk about are open, you can talk to me about anything, but when it comes to subject 'sex', let
         me remind u, I'll get easily bored. Quicker than u thought. ;)
    4.  I won't be texting you cuz it'll always make me anxious to wait for a msg (especially when that particular
         person replies it LATE, though I can get over it LATER) but we'll be texting with each other on public
         holidays or weekends or any other days that you can't get online. [baik punya deal! hahah]
   5.   Please take note that you wont be paid, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN SAKE! though I can pay you in
         another form. MIGHT!

All in all, aku rase job ni senang je. *though i can feel the boredom is coming already* Hahaha Whoever thinks they want some fun, do contact me.

God bless you! ;D


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