Mistake That I Really Wish I Did, And I Did!

Hello people!! haha it's Wednesday and  I cant wait for Saturday to come cause I'll be going to the ceramah bout driving!!! haha yeah, I know its BORINNNNGGG!!! but at least, I'm improving! Always look at the half-FULL of the glass people!! haha ;D

Right. So..today I've finally made a mistake, a mistake that I've been wanting to do at the age of 18. I've been thinking bout it for a while. I mean, what are the mistakes which I'll regret that I'll do?? I thought of:

1) Get my hair coloured (but in the end tak jadi pun, black is cool haha)
2) Get a bf and a kiss and a... ok, never mind.haha
3) Get all those make-up I want; mascara, eye liner etc.
4) Get a gorgeous, functional, and most importantly, practical!! handbag :)

urm...think that's all kot. haha

So...what happened today??


The BIGGEST mistake I made at the age of 18 (so far, till today la)...

I thought of finding a part time job. So, being the stupid, so-called courages, taking risk of registering myself as a member in this one site. Owh yeah, I have to pay 25 bucks. In US DOLLAR babe!!! So, I thought if I do it, I can help my mom and buy myself stuff I need. So, I thought, really thought bout it, hard, and yeah, I registered. And my 25 USDOLLAR fly away...*seeing bird fly in the sky byebye!*  So, after I was so excited that I paid them and imagining that I would make money, I registered. And hell! I was so furious, why the hell this thing said my email is not verified????? I felt like I wanna slap the admin for this company. hahaha teruk kan?? hish... then I sent an enquiry asking why lah. They replied asking me the receipt. And I thought, hey la stupid me! Why didnt I sent the receipt in the first place?? hahah so..we dont know what's going to happen till I get the next email. Hopefully. :)

and also....

today is my second day of trying that healthy, nutritious and delicious shake! I thought they give us straightaway the shake. But it happen that we were given a 3/4 glass full of plain water...then 3/4 glass full of cleanse tea (that's suppose to clean up your intestines and the villi) and finally, after all the hardship of trying to swallow to pour down that drinks into your throat, you get to finally, FINALLY taste the delicious, healthy shake! umm....yummy!!! Only 1 difference I find after trying this is I dont really feel dat sleepy or the urge to continue sleeping after my Subuh prayer. Instead, I feel quite fresh. haha Hmm...this thing have chances of me loving it! haha <3

Actually, if you would notice, I followed soOO many blogs. And nobody follows me, so far. hahah i donnt care if you wanna say im pathetic. I REALLY DONT CARE! haha It's because I love, love love and lurrrvvveeee to read about what AND how people think and did. Not that I'm being nosy/busybody/watever you callit. But I find that human's thoughts are interesting. Some think round. Some think square. Some even dont have the limits of thinking!! Hhaha yeah...and some people used urm...quite rough language. But I dont mind though. It's who they are, how they express themselves and as long as they're being honest to themselves, its fine by me. :)

Till then, God bless you!! ;D



  1. eix.. baru nak blaja memandu eyh? gud lux! hehe

    neway, kelas tu meeemang bosan kalau x kena gaya..hihi

  2. @Sharinginfoz: hmm...mayb both. cuz i wanna do a mistake dat i'll regret haha and at the same time...haiya...both la! haha

    @~ReD~: haha tanx! its funny though to see that people can still laugh at other people who had accidents. lyk they didnt think the same thing could've happen to them.



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