Happy SAD!!!!!

Hello people!!!!

We all know that Valentine Day is coming soon... and most of you (especially girls) must be thinking...
'Aiyoo!! Who's going to be my Valentine???!!' or...
'Why must I be alone on that day??? Oh God!!!' and scratch your not-so-itchy head thinking bout it.

Well, ladies, didn't mama ever tell you not to always look at the empty-half of the glass but the FULL-HALF of the glass???

Being single is also cool. Don't believe me? Try to ask someone who's coupled and being single. Or you can even ask yourself! ;D Being single means you have all the freedom of going everywhere you want, not having to ask another opinion just to make a decision and... you know the rest. ;)

You know, for me, I really enjoy being single is because I can do whatever I want without having to think if any of my decision would ever hurt him. Besides, no need to send text or call in the middle of the night just to talk with you boyfriend. No need to go some other places just to meet him and spend some time doing nothing (or at least window shopping! haha) with him. To sum it all up, being single actually gives YOU more! I mean, you don't have to waste your TIME, ENERGY and even your MONEY just to go on a date!!! And you can save all the money that you'd be spending on dating, on yourself! You get to splurge yourself! Indulge in the luxury, getting pampered for Heaven's sake!!

Now...there are lots of activities for all those wonderful single women out there! Here's the place if you would like to get some idea on what to do on that Valentine Day.

For more info, log on to http://happysad.blivskin.com .

See, its not that bad being a single. ;D

Believe in yourself,
believe in your skin,
believe in b.liv!

Have a nice day people!
God bless you!! ;D

owh yeah! and HAPPY SAD too!!!!!!


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