Body, I'm So Sorry... :(

Last night, before I went to bed, I had almost, ALMOST 2 pieces of roti canai..... a bowl of Maggi curry (umm,,yummy!!) with an EGG!!!  and papaya. hahaha what a contrary. Then when I went to bed, I felt guilty for having my stomach FULL before going to sleep...

From what I know, if we want to eat at night, we must eat 4 hours before we go to bed. And actually, starting from 9pm to 11pm, our body already starts to rest, in order to allow effective process to take place like digestion blablabla. So if we are still working at that hour, we might disturb the process in our body. i mean yours la. hahaha also, dont forget to get a good deep sleep from 11pm tp 1am people!! for your health! ;D

I'm so sorry, body.... :(

God bless you! ;D


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