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Right. Hello people!!!

Its Friday..and it's raining outside.. at 4.11p.m. I hate rain. I hate rain cause it makes you wet, and especially in the evening, it gives me unreasonably a headache. aiyaa...

Yesterday, when I got on the car together with my mom, my auntie and my uncle on the way back home. Suddenly the air become tense and my immediate reaction was take out my mp4 and listen to songs. And it struck my head like, man, am i an escapism??? Because I realized that whenever I'm in an uncomfortable reaction, I would be like, quickly turning it on.

You know I really dont like going home just to listen to people nag about their tirrriiiiiiiinnngggg day. Selalu  cakap,

"Penatnya hari ni" or...
"Aduh....penatnya. Sakit badan dah..." or just..

FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! We live a life and life is not always fun! Problems, tired, bad mood, bad hair day, all that is part and parcel of life! Life is problem! I really dont like to listen to these people NAGGING at me EVERYDAY about their 'tiring' life! God...sometimes whenever I can sense that my auntie was about to start her nag, I would quickly get out of the room. Again, FOR GOD'S SAKE!! Think positive once in a while! There is NO life WITHOUT problems! Except only if you die la..but then still got problem 'cause kena seksa dalam kubur.

Duhh...I've chat with some guys and some guys really are hopeless. They dont have the energy to live their live and they think their life is boring. So, if it's boring why dont you make it interesting?? Add some sparks in your life...and do things that you enjoy and love. That's not even HARD to do.

The thing is, if you put your mind to it, then you can do it. At least that's what I believe. :)

God bless you! ;)


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