Crash Accidentally!! haha

I cant sleep on that Saturday night. Perhaps its ‘cause the night is still young! Hahaha Didn’t go out today…so, I kinda feel guilty for myself, not enjoying Saturday. And I suddenly remembered about an incident….(was it REALLY an incident??? Perhaps!) hahah that happened and I was kinda…well, you can say regret with my ‘lack of response’. Hahah okay ladies & gentlemen, now get your imagination helmet on!!

I was in the car with my 2 little cousins at the back of the car… I don’t really remember where exactly we were going, but I’m pretty sure we were heading to somewhere in Bangsar. My cousins and I, we practically…rarely sees each other, so yeah, we had our time and jokes as usual. Haha of course we laugh! And then the came to a yellow traffic light so the car was slowing down and I looked to the window on my left. I was laughing and there was a guy, a very….good looking, smart, cute guy in the car. I rarely think any guy is cute, so he SHOULD REALLY thank me for complimenting him! Hahaha!) And while I was laughing…I turned to my left and actually looked at him, then I quickly turn to look at my right. So, I thought that guy was cute. I was laughing and he definitely saw me laughing, like that smiling laughing thing. Hahah Okay…I quickly looked back at my cousins. And it happened that one of my cousins, whom I was laughing with, Ceya, the one who’s sitting in the middle, she said to me “Kak Nina, dia tengok Kak Nina” and I was of course, shy. I can feel all the blood are running into my capillaries under my skin as if the blood would hide my shy face from his sight. And I’m still looking away from him, shy and my cousin, Ceya was the one who was smiling and laughing cause a cute guy was looking at me, twice! I think he was wondering, why I was laughing, probably at him. Not that I was laughing at him, but I was laughing with my cousins! Haha anyway, he’s still cute. ;)

Now….the next time if it’s going to ever happen again, to any cute, smart, good-looking guy, I would do this:

            Smile back at him(probably wink at him haha!), wave and look front. And look at him again for the second time to see if he’s looking at me, again. Ahahah! That would be wonderful!!! Hahah

Oh yeah baby! I WOULDDD do that! Lol. God bless the cute guy!

And God bless you too!! ;D

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