Conversation 1: Get to know the NEW blogger

the name is nur amalina dayana.

sometimes im happy. Sometimes im excited! Sometimes im sad.. sometimes im moody. Sometimes im quiet. Sometimes im loud. Sometimes I just wanna be alone. Sometimes I feel like I wanna punch and kick people. Sometimes im blur, sometimes im spontaneous! Sometimes I wanna laugh. Sometimes I wanna sing, sometimes I wanna dance. Sometimes I wanna love. Sometimes I just wanna be me. Obviously, im unpredictable. Officially 18 this year on 22nd Sept.. (aahhh…beautiful date isn’t it?? ;D)

Im stubborn yet patient. Im simple, I can be nice to you and I am potentially wild. It’s not easy to impress me yet I always try not to see the bad side of every people that I know. I love sunny day and I lurrrrvvveeee sunshine yet I hate that it makes me dark, or tan, or whatever you call it. Still, it makes me smile. :) I don’t care what people wanna say bout me, you and your mouth, me and my mind (am I showing off? No intention at all!). I’ve met people with attitude. Im calm most of the time, even if someone tries to put me on my nerve, I try to stay calm and patient as I can, as i don’t easily get angry on people. Unless you REALLY, REALLY made me upset. Even when Im angry, I dont know why but I wouldnt really let it all out and eventually my face will feel hot and I might cry holding that anger inside me. I don’t like to show people my weaknesses but hey, nobody’s perfect. Im a pretty kind of perfectionist cause I know we're not perfect so I wanna try my best, give my best in everything I do and give the most perfection I can give. I trust my instinct and I can actually rely on it in some circumstances. I don’t like any negative vibe... like being around lazy people cause that’ll somehow might influence me become lazy. But, we learn quite a lot about the world from these people right? Hehe.. I love pepperoni pizza!! Hellll yeahhhh!!! (credits to hazirah.haha) and mush soup! And that smelly yet cheesy delicious breadstick!! Yummy!! Im not thin, obviously. And I don’t think im obese. Im just curvy. Still, if you wanna say im fat, that’s up to you. Different people have different view. I respect that. I believe less is more. And I still tryna figure out my style. Haha. (hey, I just came out of a ‘noble place’ and a few days later I got a job and life has been so busy that I don’t have time for myself) haha. Mmm.. im pretty shy at first, but once you know me, I can be pretty talkative, or normal perhaps. Haha. I love new things, weird things, cool stuff, anything modern, contemporary, or even classic! I love to explore. I love to travel. My first trip was to bali when I was 4 years old. Been to only 10 countries in the world. Oh yeah, before you can say anything, I’ve been to almost all parts of Malaysia, except sabah. Haha! Pulau gaya!! Wish I could travel the whole world before im 30! Oh yeah, there’s this one lady, when I was in korea, and she said ‘you have beautiful eyes’ and I was so shy I didn’t thank her, but I smiled. I really should thank her for making me realize I have a beautiful eyes. Hahaha. Hell yeah, I love my eyes! Alhamdulillah… I looooovvvvveeee books! LOOVVEEE the smell of the books. It always give me the butterflies in stomach and that nervousness that’ll have adrenaline rush in my vein and I love that! Especially, the old books..where the papers are already brown and waiting for the moths to eat it. Haha! Love being around books! Also music!! Whenever I listen to music, I don’t just listen to the music, I feel the beat, I feel the rhythm, and I try to understand the message or the situation given in the music. Both, books and music are like my portal into another world. A world where, of course, only me and my mind can picture and imagine and live in it. Besides having the character in the books or the music. Haha. Am quite a dreamer when I was a kid. I’m always in my own mind and my mom would say, ‘berangan lagi eyh?’ haha. Mmm…im clumsy. Since I was a kid. There was one time I was holding a plate, a glass of plate and it suddenly fell down and broke. I still wonder how that thing fell off my hand. I don’t really have a best friend after an experience with my last… ex-best friend. Prefer not to talk bout it. The whole thing….it change my perception on friendship and I now have my mom as my best friend. Having a mom as your best friend has it pros and cons. You can take advice from your mom on everything (if you can talk with your mom, literally bout anything) but the con is, you cant always bring her shopping with you cause they’re easily tired as they’re getting old. ;) Sometimes, I think I may not have the best life that world could offer, but im grateful for that. Im grateful for a having a mom like my mom. Well, everyone thinks they have the best mom in the world. The fact is, mothers always rock! And I actually, love and appreciate those mothers who have such a high patience on their naughty and stubborn child, like me. Haha! Mothers are wonderful! They’re the best give God can ever give you. Mother would be there with you up and down. Okay, okay now I need to stop mumbling bout mothers. Okay, where were we?? Hmm…friendship. Right. Hmm…im pretty ambitious. So far I kinda got the plans in my mind already about my future life that is, if God still give me the chance for me to breath till im 50 at least. Haha! Currently, im waiting for my spm result. I’m not sure whether to take biomedical science or TESL, but whatever my choice might be, I wanna finish my studies till PhD. And then I wanna become a lecturer. And I also want to become a businesswoman! At the same time! Yeah… haha! I know it sounds impossible but that is most of the successful people face when they share their dreams with people and people would just laugh at them. Haha! And after I got my business steady, or maybe when im studying, I would want to buy myself a pretty and nice and comfortable car (perhaps like sorento?? Hehehe!)  and a comfortable house (a nice classy, glassy condo perhaps?? Haha berangan lagi!). These 2 things I must buy it before I get married! Hahaha! Owh, I didn’t see any plot of me getting married… never mind, when the time comes, it will. But hopefully not when im trying to achieve my dreams yeah. Besides, as long as my mom is still here, still breathing, I just wanna be a good daughter for her. Be there when she needs me, and take good care of her. Im pretty confused, until know that how come my mother can look all so Chinese when I don’t even inherit that look?? Aiyaa..tak de rezeki lor…what can I do ma… In my family, well, im not 100% malay as I got that Chinese blood somewhere in my body from a grand-grandmother from my mother side, whom a Chinese. Among all of my mother’s sibling, she’s the only one who look like a Chinese. And there were people who talked Chinese to her, thinking that she’s a Chinese! I wish I could meet her, my Chinese grand, grandmother. That’s why, if you could see me, or you’ve seen me before, I don’t have that ‘smashed’ nose. So my nose is not pointy yet not ‘smashed’. Haha!  I used to have so many dreams. Yet I didn’t how did my first dream was to become a cashier. Probably because I love the ‘ting’ ‘ting’ sound. Haha! I used to love the machine and even ask my mom to buy it for me. But until now I still didn’t get it. Haha! Nevermind. Im big enough to play with the real machine now though. Haha! And..i used to dream of being a pilot… a fashion designer whom I share my passion with one of my best friend, Nanee and we made a book and drew all kinds of fashion, from everyday wear to wedding gowns! Haha! Such a memory! And I also dreamt of becoming a veterinary as I love cats! And I hate not being able to do anything when my kitten got sick and to just watch it dying slowly. I once had this kitten, it’s blind and deaf, I felt so sorry for it. However, the kitten didn’t live long enough and I cried quite badly when the kitten died. Yeah, I used to think that its better if we treat animals than human cause sometimes human would just do things to hurt our nature, or do bad things to other people. Well, I can brag all along about human but not today. Haha! Well, I guess you had enough of my boring story about me.owh, tq for reading!  Well, till next time! Buhbye! And take care!! ;D


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