Butt Problem. Fixed! (uhh..on the way) ;)

Hello people!! again....hahaha

last night i slept quite early...like around 9.50pm??? and yeah , I dont know why I slept early lately...it's like automated that whenever the needle nearly reach 10, my brain is sending impulses to my mouth and I yawn. Owh yeah, I also do exercise almost everynight (cause I dont have time in the day. but i tried to take the stairs at office.yeah hahah) and I'm trying to diet by taking small portion of food and avoid rice. Still, I dont know how Im not losing it. So, I've decided I want to focus on parts that I really, and I mean REALLY wanna make it smaller. My butt. hahaha I know, I used to hate the fact that I have big butt. Eventually, as time passes, I've learned that there people who're CRAVING...for big butt. And I thought, I should be grateful of having it. Other people are DYING to have one. Some la...not all. hahah funny i think. And so thats how i learn to love my curves.

I'm sure you've heard that B.E.P. song, I got it from my mama. Well, I didnt get from my mama. I got it from my daddy. ;D and i used to hate him for giving me this genes. haiyoo!!!

So today I looked up some articles and thought I could share it with those who wants to have a smaller butt. ;D

Get smaller butt!! ;)

A good answer
Get all bootylicious!!

Conclusion is, to get a good, firm, toned butt, is to do cardio like running or swimming. Well, happy doing your work-out!!  


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