4 Tips on How To Lose A Guy

Hello people!!!! Today I've decided (waa...so bossy ar?? haha) that I would like to share with ya'll, tips on how to lose a guy. Okay, lets say, you were browsing trying to find a guy on social network then suddenly a guy came and he doesnt seem like what you're looking for. At the same time, you're pretty boring now and wanted some fun. So, you thought, why not play some game? There could be so many plots for this situation, so many drama, but the main point here today is to get rid of him! Now! oui, maintenant!

*This trick is only for you who wants to GET RID of that particular guy. Results produced are based on own experiment! ;D

1. When he ask for your pic, tell him that you aint got any. If he still tries to persuade you, just give him the comp pics in your My Picture document that has all the nature pic.

2. When he ask for your num, tell him that you're always TOO busy to be with your phone. EXPLAIN to him the details. Guys (mostly) dont like LOOOOONG explanation.

3. If he ask for ur e-mail, just give him. Yup, dont be surprise! The trick is, once you're in it, be all LAME-O!!! yeah. haha Be more like a dork or dummy or a moron! Be extra nice as in... extra innocent. That'll sure put him off.

4. Lets say if you've known him for some time, and maybe along the way you found out something about him that makes you 'urgh' or 'eewwww!!' or 'BORRRIINNGGGGG!!!', then the game is to play emo. Act all emo suddenly and curse and get mad or something. Sure he'll give you some time. If he tries to contact you again, you can try to act like you dont know him.

A normal guy who would perhaps run away, but if he's still stick with you, I'll just have to say, Good Luck my friend! And Congrats!! He's into you! aha! ;D

God bless you! and the poor guy! hahaha ;)



  1. or just say yr a les..dat always work hahaha BUT some guys just might wanna take up the challenge to "change" u hehehe funny post :)

  2. haha tanx nique_naq!! i guess some guys are quite stuborn eyh? hahaha ;D


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